Spring Equinox Yoga 2015

Thanks to Sue Ciechanowicz of Farnham Yoga and all the people who came along to take part in a Yoga workshop for the Spring Equinox 2015.  The day started well for me when I opened the curtains and watched two house sparrows mating in the branches of the magnolia tree outside the window. The tree itself was a thing of beauty with it’s bursting buds about to come to a magnificent spring display.  Our Yoga started with Tree of light breathing, breathing out the winter and breathing in the spring. We spent a little time considering our responses to the change of season and the idea of balance as the wheel of the year runs toward the lighter time. We followed these ideas through in an asana class and finished with a deep relaxation. Sue then provided some of her excellent homemade flapjack and a cup of tea before we all sprang away.

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