Move into the New Year 2014

I first came across the idea of ‘Moving into the New Year’ when I went to a day with one of my Inner Yoga Trust teachers many, many years ago. It was a cold grey day on the first weekend of January and at that point I thought it a strange idea to start Yoga so early on on the year with the excesses of the festive season still very much in my body and mind.
It turned out to be such great idea. We moved, we breathed, we reflected on things past present and future and we meditated. I felt refreshed and revitalised and also had thought about my intentions for the year, some of which bore fruit. Intentions are not the same as resolutions, they are much more forgiving and there is no sense of failure if you do not ‘achieve’ them. You are simply sowing a seed for the year to come and possibly beyond if it is not the right time for that intention to ‘germinate’ in you. Now that I teach Yoga, I like to run a new year workshop each year and I hope that others will enjoy the space and energy it provides. See the schedule page for dates if you are interested in this workshop.

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  1. I have done a couple of Sue’s Moving into the New Year sessions and found them invigorating, energizing and generally helped me feel fresh to start the New Year.

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