Solstice Yoga in Braunton 2013

Silver Cottage Garden

The summer solstice 2013 passed on 21 June. A group of Yoga students from Bristol braved the M5 and the inclement weather for a Yoga and social weekend in Braunton, North Devon.  Sophy Holker, a regular in one of my classes, moved there from Bristol a couple of years ago to run a B&B  and bring up her young family.  Some of the people on the trip knew Sophie from the class.  We found her in the sun in her lovely garden at Silver Cottage on Friday afternoon. That was really the last we saw of the sun but we still managed to have a great time.

Solstice sunset at Saunton Sands

Some of stayed at Sophie’s B&B and at another nearby B&B. A couple of hardy souls camped at a nearby site, and we all met for Yoga sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The Yoga sessions looked in detail at feet, ankles, knees and hips and how these function and connect to the spine in asana and life.

On Saturday afternoon we all went walking, choosing between different lengths of walk and scenery types – inland, coastal with cliffs or coastal with dunes. Everyone talked later about the new awareness the Yoga sessions had brought to their walking.

On Sunday after the Yoga and lunch in a local cafe we went to Ilfracombe to see the controversial Damian Hirst sculpture,Verity. I thought she was amazing! Sophie wants us to visit again next year and I am planning to do that and to have the Yoga sessions open to my students and anyone interested in my teaching. Get in touch if you like the sound of it. I will put the date on my schedule page when I have it.

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  1. Yoga in the morning followed by lunch and a long coastal walk was a great way to put the teaching in to practice, embodying the learning. By the end of the weekend I felt a sense of relaxation, exhilaration and nourishment. And seeing the Damien Hirst sculpture against a back drop of wild waves and craggy cliffs completed the experience perfectly !

  2. Paula Cannings

    Great weekend, Sue. Time to work on yoga asanas and to have a lot of fun. I was knocked out by Verity, too!

  3. Hi
    Thanks for a super refreshing weekend that was much needed. Idyllic place to stay, good company and insightful yoga. Loved the walk where I saw seals and kestrels and was glad to use knowledge from asana practice on the walk. Also, some useful new things to put into my practice. Thank you everyone involved for your warm energy, Kate x

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