1:1 Teaching

I am continuing to teach 1:1 during the Coronavirus situation. As of Jan 2021 this can only be done be online via Skype/Zoom/Facetime.

Yoga was traditionally taught one to one. There are lots of different reasons why you might choose to work one to one;

  • to develop your practice and understanding of what you already know of Yoga
  • where you are healing from injury and want a practice personalised to help your healing
  • where something such as long term illness, irregular work patterns or family commitments prevent you from attending a class
  • to work with me to construct a personal Yoga Nidra to assist you in your practice

…………or simply because it feels right for you

One to one teaching is a wonderful opportunity to have time for yourself and to develop your own practice of Yoga. In a one to one session the focus will be on exactly what you need for your own growth and development. It gives the opportunity to look at the different aspects of Yoga such as relaxation, meditation, and Yoga philosophy.

The cost for a one hour 1:1 yoga session is £50, which includes a written and drawn practice sheet to take away. The cost reduces if the sessions are regular and ongoing. For example, for ongoing weekly sessions the cost is £40 per session, for monthly or 3-weekly sessions the cost per session is £45.00. Costs always negotiable depending on circumstances – money must not be a barrier to learning yoga.

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