I have a deep knowledge and practice of Yoga which I bring into my teaching, whatever the situation.  When someone first starts to practice Yoga in a class or on their own, the initial focus is on learning asana or posture shapes.  I do not expect everyone to be able to achieve the same things as all bodies are different. I see my job as a teacher being to help each person to become more aware their body and how it moves into these shapes and from there how to free themselves of restrictions.

Patanjali says ‘The practice of yoga is the commitment to become established in the state of freedom’

There are many definitions of freedom so with this Yoga teaching whilst we tend to start with freedom in the body, depending on your needs there may be other starting points. Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep is another place to start. It is a meditative practice. Many of my classes include Yoga Nidra. Finding this freedom can take a short while or many years! It is definitely an adventure.

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“I started going to weekly Yoga classes in 1993 to improve my general posture and in particular to prevent my feet from getting any flatter.  I have been teaching Yoga since 2001, having also trained to teach Yoga teachers. I study Vedic Chanting with Sarah Waterfield, as well as collaborating with her in our Yoga teaching and projects. More recently I have studied the teaching of Yoga Nidra through the Yoga Nidra Network. I bring all of this together with my own deep practice to my teaching of all aspects of Yoga.”

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