Tuesdays 3/10/17 July 2018 Three Yoga Nidra Sessions
Bristol Zen Dojo
Tuesdays 12.15 noon – 1.15 pm

Yoga Nidra provides an opportunity to experience deep relaxation. It is a powerful meditative practice that can be used for healing, personal and spiritual insight, and empowerment. It is also a state of consciousness that invites us to better understand our relationship to ourselves, others and the cosmos.
Nidra translates from Sanskrit as ‘sleep’ but our intention during the practice is to remain awake and aware, approaching a meditative state with the guidance of the teacher.
During these three classes you will experience three different Yoga Nidra. Attending a single class will bring benefits, but by coming to all three classes you will have an opportunity to evaluate the cumulative effects on your own body and mind.
Cost  £10 per session or £25 for all three when paid for in advance. Contact me directly to book and for more details 

Friday 28 – Sunday 30 September 2018 –  Autumn Equinox Yoga Weekend in Braunton
Autumn Equinox, a time of transition, Harvest time, warm seas, the leaves start to turn, the evenings draw in, a space to reflect and to deepen your Yoga practice in a nurturing environment.  Contact me directly for more details 




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